2019 Economic Forecast Luncheon Event Details

DuMond Grain, LLC

Business Expansion:  Du Mond Grain, a subsidiary of the 5,000-acre farming operation Du Mond Ag, LLC, will expand into the soymeal market by building a non-solvent soybean processing plant, bringing locally-grown product from seed to feed for livestock. The project will construct and equip a new facility, with soymeal extruding and oil pressing equipment, silos for storage, and a barn. This business expansion will allow NY soybean farmers to have their soybeans processed in NY State and NY livestock farmers (primarily dairy and swine) to buy NY grown and extruded non-solvent soymeal for their livestock.

CEDA assisted with the development of the business plan for their new operation and provided guidance with the Consolidated Funding Application process.  CEDA continues to connect DuMond Grain with other development opportunities and will assist with local incentives as the project progresses.

  • Location:  Town of Fleming
  • Project:  $3,277,000
  • Jobs To Be Created:  20
  • Timeline:  Fall 2018

Summerhill Brewing, LLC

Business Startup:  Summerhill Brewing, a microbrewery started as an experiment in a garage, is now building a facility to house a larger brew system and tasting room.

Owners Jeff & Sallee TenEyck attended SCORE’s “Simple Steps to Starting Your Business” workshop series at 2 State Street to help get their project off the ground. Throughout, they have worked with CEDA for assistance on their business plan, and CEDA continues to connect them with local resources for financing and benefits.

  • Location:  Town of Summerhill
  • Project:  TBD
  • Jobs To Be Created:  4 part-time

Prison City Brewing

Business Expansion & Location:  Prison City Brewing is looking to purchase and renovate an existing building or construct a new, additional brewery space.  The brewery will then utilize this as additional brewery space to increase production from 900 BBLS to 10,000 BBLS annually.  The location will also include a tasting room, retail area, event space, and a canning line.

CEDA assisted owners Dawn and Marc Schulz with CDBG loan applications through the City of Auburn and Cayuga County, location identification, and the NYS Consolidated Funding Application.  Our specialists also provided referrals and business-to-business connections to help with this project.

  • Location:  Auburn
  • Project:  $4,500,000
  • Jobs To Be Created:  20
  • Timeline:  Summer/Fall 2018

Martens Companies, LLC

Business Expansion:  Martens Companies, LLC will create a commercial food processing, packaging, and distribution center in Cayuga County, focusing primarily on health-conscious foods. The project includes purchasing the land and constructing and equipping a new facility.

CEDA’s Economic Development Specialist Bruce Sherman assisted Martens Companies, LLC, with their expansion project helping them with their Consolidated Funding Application and connecting them with local businesses and resources.

  • Location:  1323 Towpath Road, Port Byron
  • Project:  $4,700,000
  • Jobs To Be Created:  100
  • Timeline:  Fall 2018

Auburn Hotel Ventures, LLC – Holiday Inn

Business Expansion:  Auburn Hotel Ventures, LLC is renovating all guest rooms, conference rooms, lobby, restaurant/dining areas, and common spaces in the Holiday Inn.  The renovation project will completely update the facility, ensuring the long-term flag of Holiday Inn for this facility.

CEDA assisted Auburn Hotel Ventures with the process to incentivize this project through the Auburn Industrial Development Authority.  AIDA awarded the project a Sales & Use Tax Exemption.

  • Location:  75 North Street, Auburn
  • Project:  $5,100,000
  • Jobs To Be Created:  7
  • Timeline:  Summer 2018

Currier Plastics

Business Expansion:  Currier Plastics, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of custom plastic molded products utilizing injection and blow molding technologies was to looking purchase, expand, and equip an existing building in Auburn. The project included renovation of warehouse space and creation of additional warehouse space, along with office areas as required to aggressively expand into the manufacturing of packaging and product delivery items for the medical industry.

CEDA provided technical assistance and referrals and helped Currier Plastics gain access to Empire State Development (ESD) incentives through the Consolidated Funding Application process through the CNYREDC.  Currier was awarded a $1.8M grant through ESD and tax credits through the Excelsior Jobs Program.

  • Location:  101 Columbus Street, Auburn
  • Project:  $9,900,000
  • Jobs To Be Created:  20
  • Timeline:  Summer/Fall 2018

Copper John Corporation

Business Expansion:  Copper John Corporation, a manufacturer of archery accessories, will purchase new production equipment and reconfigure its existing manufacturing facility in Auburn. This will allow them to expand production capability and capacity, insource production currently outsourced to China and other domestic locations; improve response time to meet market demand; expand into new product categories; and enhance sales and marketing capability in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Copper John worked closely with the team at CEDA to complete the Consolidated Funding Application to the CNYREDC.  Copper John was awarded an allotment of energy through the New York Power Authority, along with a $280k grant through ESD and tax credits through the Excelsior Jobs Program.

  • Location:  173 State Street, Auburn
  • Project:  $1,442,000
  • Jobs To Be Created:  12
  • Timeline:  Winter/Spring 2018

Auto Wash Car Wash

Business Location:  Auto Wash Car Wash has opened their 5th location in Auburn.  They have turned an uninhabited parcel of land containing a single-family home in severe disrepair into a new commercial building that compliments the neighboring businesses and will create 6 new jobs.  Their other locations include Batavia, Canandaigua, Geneva, and Tonawanda.

CEDA assisted Auto Wash with the process to incentivize this project through the Auburn Industrial Development Authority.  AIDA awarded the project a Sales & Use Tax Exemption.

  • Location:  Auburn
  • Project:  $2,365,000
  • Jobs Created:  6
  • Completed:  2018

Tessy Plastics

Business Location:  Tessy Plastics purchased the former Daikin McQuay property in December 2016 to consolidate their warehousing.  In the summer of 2016, Tessy began a $31M expansion in Van Buren, NY.  Once that development is completed, and with the growth history of Tessy Plastics, the Auburn facility will likely be the next location to expand their manufacturing operations.

  • Location: 4900 Technology Park Blvd Auburn (formerly Daikin McQuay)
  • Project:  $10,860,000
  • Completed:  December 2016


Business Expansion:  CIDEC embarked on a 15,000 s.f. expansion to their current facility to add warehousing, light manufacturing, and additional office space.  The $1.2M project helped CIDEC retain current employees and hire an additional 7 employees.

  • Location:  Town of Aurelius
  • Project:  $1,200,000
  • Jobs Created:  7
  • Completed:  2017
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